Week 1 – rumbling

Week 1 is almost over, it proved to be a very interesting week, back on the desk, reading, commenting in the moodle forum and blogging. Once again I’m trying to fit in studying with all the other pieces of my life, hopefully I’ll find a good routine as for H800.

For this course, it is v interesting forming part of this international group. Moreover working again with Lesley (my tutor) makes me feel confident as I have a guide by my side which is very reliable 🙂

This week we dealt with an introductory activity using a pre set wiki. I managed to work with ease in collaboration with some other members. The other activity dealt with innovation, where a number of issues related to this theme are emerging in the forum. This sounds familiar with H800…collaboration helps me see a concept from different angles plus reflect more. Surely this would not be possible if I just work on my own.

As commented on Frauke’s blog, I still feel that in the moodle forums there is something missing when compared with the FirstClass software…


4 thoughts on “Week 1 – rumbling

  1. Glad to hear you’re enjoying it – I’m still trying to carve out enough time to read all the forum postings – some of our group write proper ‘essays’!

    1. To my knowledge, FirstClass had facilities which are not available on the Moodle forums. Facilities which I’m missing include chatting with online peers, using keywords to search through groups of posts and sorting posts.
      On the other hand having forums on the same platform has its own advantages e.g. we can access them from any machine without the need to install another program 😉

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